About Rory C. Trotter Jr.

Rory Trotter 1

My name is Rory C. Trotter Jr. I’m an HR leader specializing in Compensation, Talent Management, Employee Relations, and People Analytics.

I’ve provided enterprise wide support on matters related to base pay, executive pay, and long-term incentives for a Fortune 50 company, conducted analyses of remuneration packages favorably reviewed at both the CEO and board levels, managed employee relations for various operations and commercial client groups, and led recruitment efforts for hundreds of jobs spanning a wide range of functions, complexity, and scope. I have both an MBA and a Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

I’m passionate about data, and enjoy using it to jointly improve business and employee outcomes. I believe tomorrow’s economy will be driven by those companies that most effectively leverage their human capital in the pursuit of innovative solutions to the 21st century’s unprecedented business and social challenges. To accomplish these aims, the best organizations will successfully use descriptive and prescriptive analytics to recruit top talent, identify and nurture said talent’s strengths, and ensure sustained productivity and innovation through the use of initiatives that both recognize and reward high performance.

If you think we might have an interesting conversation please send me a direct message at rorytrotter86@gmail.com, or alternatively connect with me via Twitter @RoryCTrotterJr and/or LinkedIn.

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