…leaves of a tree, each node representing a point of deliberation and decision.” – Niklaus Wirth



For this week’s quote we can thank Niklaus Emil Wirth, a Swiss computer scientist best known for designing several programming languages (perhaps most notably Pascal). As I get started in a new role this week, it’s a timely reminder for me that some things require careful consideration and deliberation… and can only come in their time.

^As someone used to brute forcing solutions to questions without easy answers, this reality makes me a little crazy, but to really get my head around my new role it has quickly become apparent to me that I can only develop the technical skill set I require by taking my time and methodically absorbing the information I need to succeed. This does not mean I should not have a sense of urgency… but it does mean I need spend significant amounts of time in both the focused and diffuse modes of thought.

So as we get started this week, let’s remember that Rome was not built in a day, and that yhe sweetest fruit takes time to harvest. Let’s work hard, but also have a sense of patience.

If you succeed in doing this, tell me how.

Happy Monday,