…then success takes care of itself. – Henry Ford



For this week’s quote we can thank  American industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company Henry Ford. It’s timely for me because this week will be a challenging one; accomplishing everything that needs to be done will require a strong commitment to team work and focus.

Both personally and professionally, no one accomplishes anything of substance alone. Even our individual successes are a product of the family, friends, and teachers that invested in and believed in us. And so when others reach out in times of need it’s important to remember that it’s our responsibility to reach out a helping hand however we can, and whenever we can.

As we get started this week, let’s take care to recognize the smaller role that we all play in a bigger picture. Doing so not only keeps us humble, but it keeps us aware of the fact that any independent actions that we take can really only have meaning if the other members of our teams are also successful.

Happy Monday,