…it’s frustrating. This is when it’s time to revisit some basics.” – Keegan Bradley



…So a funny thing has happened over the last month or so.

I’ve stopped growing.

^I can’t point to when exactly it happened. But this weekend I took stock of the recent past and realized that I hadn’t learned anything new.

This isn’t because I don’t love learning – quite the opposite. Rather, it’s because I’ve fallen into a routine that’s a little *too* familiar. I am comfortable enough – and happy enough – with what ‘today’ looks like that I haven’t looked to change it up every much lately.

…Luckily, my restlessness kicked in on Saturday and I realized that I was making a mess of things (by not making a mess of things).

…Elaborating, I think that getting better everyday is (theoretically) really simple. One most simply follow three simple steps:

1. Every day, do one thing that scares you (just a little).

2. Expose yourself to a new idea at least once before you go to bed every night (you can do this by reading voraciously).

3. If you ever find yourself becoming overly complacent or comfortable, change something significant in your life.

^These are really basic ideas, but together they can have a transformative effect on one’s life. Ergo, as American professional golfer Keegan Bradley suggests in this week’s quote, I am looking to get back to the basics of making myself better. This means other reading others (new) ideas (as opposed to just going to my preferred watering holes), pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and trying something that makes me a little scared every day.

…As we get started this week, I would encourage you to do the same (and make sure you’re having fun). And as always, please let me know if I have got this wrong in the comments section below.

Happy Monday,