…Getting this one up pretty late.

Earlier this week I was involved in an employee relations issue where I underestimated how strongly a colleague felt about something, and in the process didn’t dedicate the time I should have to what turned out was a critical matter. And by the time I realized how upset the person was about the situation, it had escalated well past the point that I should have allowed it to.

^As an HR pro and people manager, one of the things that I’ve found is that it’s always critical to listen. You can never get too good at listening – because just as soon as you think you’ve struck the right balance here then you stop listening as much as you should and things that you took for granted stop getting done.

…The best leaders and most successful professionals get that way because they are never lacking in empathy… and a big component of that is staying aware of the concerns and views of stakeholders around you. This is a fundamental building block that lays the foundation for everything else that you do in your career. And you can’t lose sight of it no matter how high you climb.

Happy Tuesday.