…the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations. – Earl Nightingale



For this week’s quote we can thank American Radio personality, Writer, Speaker and Author Earl Nightingale. It’s a reminder for me that while we cannot always control our environment, the way we allow it to impact us comes solely from within.

I have been in a very good place lately… but I am not too far removed from a time where it seemed absolutely everything was going wrong. Ironically, though, while on the surface it seems that I’ve undergone a complete reversal of fortunes… when I closely examine the difference between then and now it’s clear that not very much has changed.

Instead, at the heart of my renewed happiness is a changed outlook on life, and not so much a change in circumstances. I’ve learned to appreciate things I’d taken for granted; And I’ve learned to make time for precious things that I’d allowed to slip away; Finally, I’ve learned to take a broader view of life and I am exercising more patience. These shifts are taken on their own very small, but in aggregate they have dramatically changed the way I think and experience things.

Ergo, as we get started this week, let’s take care to looks for the best in situations and focus on the positive takeaways from every interaction. In the process, we not only raises our happiness levels, but also position ourselves to identify innovative solutions to the challenging problems that are often part of our lives.

Happy Monday,