…Maybe it’s not noticed right now. Maybe not tomorrow. But building a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities — and having a work ethic — will always pay off. You will always win by doing good work.” – Laurie Ruettimann



…This week’s quote is attributable to HR thought leader, speaker and writer Laurie Ruettimann. The quote – along with the broader piece here that it comes from – is one that I have re-visited many times since it was first written in 2013. I draw on it whenever I feel particularly downtrodden, frustrated, or otherwise sorry for myself as a reminder that while good things sometimes take time… at the end of the day the focus always needs to be on developing critical KSAs whilst adding value to whatever organization or effort(s) I am supporting.

^With that all said, I have written many times before about the virtues of patience… and also my struggles with internalizing them. Truthfully, as someone prone to feelings of extreme restlessness whenever I am not moving forward, keeping both eyes on the task at hand as opposed to looking ahead is a constant challenge for me. And yet I know that I must keep my eyes on what is in front of me. Because new, future opportunities are ultimately borne from a strong reputation and skills built moment by moment – in the present.

…So as we get started this week, let’s take care to stay focused first and foremost on how we can add value, learn/develop, and make an impact in our current roles. Because at the end of the day, as one of my mentors (very recently) told me, “there will always be opportunities for skilled and logical people.” They may be coming soon, or they may instead come in another place/time/company… but if you build a solid foundation of skills and work hard every day they will come.

Just stay focused.

Happy Monday,