1. This is actually the first quote of the week I’ve done that didn’t quote a real person; rather, today I’m quoting the character that Scottish actor and producer actor Sean Connery played in the 1999 film Entrapment.…then we trust.” – Sean Connery 1


…So the past month or so has been a relatively challenging one. Faced with a number of difficult choices and very little data, I’ve made several (in hindsight major) decisions on instinct alone. And while relying on my instincts has rarely failed me to date, unless absolutely necessary I prefer to make calls based on what I know as opposed to what I feel.

With that said, as I’ve continued to gain more experience it has become increasingly clear to me that life is full of uncertainty and murky choices. Ergo, one often doesn’t know if one has made the right call until one is well past the point of no return… at which point hindsight is good for little more than preventing a repeat of mistakes of the past.

Which leaves us with belief.

Belief in ourselves. Belief in other people. Belief in actions and ideas that we may or may not be able to control.

…I think that it is only prudent in matters of importance to direct everything you can to the extent that you can. It is prudent to manage your future and the things that impact it as much as possible. But after that you have to trust your team and the other people around you that have earned that trust.

Sometimes that trust will be rewarded, and sometimes it won’t. But living life any other way is just exhausting.

…So as we get started this week, let’s (as always) make every effort to manage our lives and careers as best we can. But let’s also take care to trust that (once we’ve controlled all that we can) that if we live our lives according to a worthwhile set of principles whilst surrounding ourselves with the right people that those things which we can’t control will ultimately turn out for the best.

^And if they don’t, we’ve at least got hindsight for next time, yes?

Happy Monday,