…is always the bottom of another.” – Marianne Williamson



Today’s quote belongs to American teacher, bestselling author and lecturer Marianne Williamson. It serves as a reminder to me that success is not a singular destination to be reached, and that it is important to stay mindful that there are always opportunities to get better.

…This goes beyond merely avoiding the state of complacency; it’s also about always having humility and recognizing just how much the world can teach you… and it’s about recognizing that there aren’t limits – only plateaus: When we feel stuck, that feeling should serve as an impetus to try new things. And in moments when we feel confident and assured in our knowledge, rather than rest on our laurels we should instead step back and assess how we can get even better.

…I once said in this space that I found it maddening how much I don’t know… but lately I’ve come to understand that these feelings are a good thing; because if they ever went away – if I ever really felt like I had all of the answers – it wouldn’t be because I’d reached some pinnacle of professional success:

It would just be hubris on my part.

So as we get started this week, if you’re reading this I would ask that you take a moment to today to consider one way that you can get better: It could be something big or small… but do it as a thought exercise. Because when you get in the habit of looking at life as a series of opportunities to make incremental and/or even transformative changes to way you approach things, in the process you invite a mindset that drives you to keep becoming the next best version of yourself.

Monday morning thought stream… as always let me know if I have this wrong in the comments section below.