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…you ought not to be thinking of whether it ends in victory or defeat. Let nature take its course, and your tools will strike at the right moment.” – Bruce Lee



This week’s quote has been attributed to the legendary Hong Kong American martial artist, action film actor, martial arts instructor, and filmmaker Bruce Lee. It is timely for me because (lately) at times I’ve felt I am juggling one too many balls in the air… but so far I am (mostly) catching them.

Is this partly luck? Maybe (probably?), but regardless my recent experiences have taught me that extensive preparation is not always critical to success. Instead, as it turns out sometimes the competencies that we already have are enough to carry us forward moment to moment; and by simply focusing on the task ahead, we occasionally surprise ourselves with what we are capable of.

…As we get started this week, I would recommend that you *not* overthink things. This is not the same as not preparing – you should always be prepared. With that said, I would encourage you to push yourself a little bit, learning what you can do through trial and error. In failure you will become aware of new truths about yourself, and in success you expand your understanding of what is possible.

Happy Monday,