Sunday reading for 11.02.2014:

1. Kris Dunn has a great piece up on HR Capitalist espousing the merits of “The First Strike Position”, or, put another way – asking for what one wants. It’s easy to be afraid of being told ‘no’, but Dunn does a pretty good job of laying out a compelling case for why we should push past such fears and make plain our wants. I’m sharing this one because it does a great job of laying out how this approach can be value added in an HR context… and because it made tangible for me a concept that has for a very long time been present but without form. Check out the full piece here.

2. Liz Ryan has an inspiring post up on Linkedin explaining how to find your mojo when it seems as if it might never come back again. Liz’s response to a reader questioning how he will ever find the strength to rise is both heartfelt and uplifting. I’m sharing it because I have my fair share of friends that could use a good mojo boost… and I’m hoping this piece helps them find it. Check it out here.

3. Steve Boese lays out the case for why much of what we need to know about talent management can be found by looking to the world of professional sports (namely, the NBA). Using a host of colorful analogies, Boese outlines how the NBA teaches us lessons in recruiting, learning and development, performance management, succession planning, and comp. Whether you’re an NBA fan, HR geek, or both, this is a fun read. Check it out here.

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