…So the past few weeks I’ve been breaking up my routines a lot. I’m waking up at different times, attacking problems a little differently, and – when I can – exposing myself to novel ways of thinking.

I’ve been doing this in recognition of the fact that although having focused routines can carry numerous positives – such as helping us to be more efficient in our execution of daily tasks and facilitating the development of deep expertise – they can also carry heavy costs, such as robbing us of our creativity and shutting us off from new ideas.

…In HR, I think such costs are too heavy to bear. Because while in technical roles the ability to leverage one’s subject matter expertise to apply established techniques to new problems may (on balance) exceed the value of a fresh (but uninitiated) outlook, in non-technical roles I think that an intellectually curious, creative person with no pre-dispositions about how things should be done can often add more value than a deep subject matter expert that is entrenched into a certain way of doing things. This doesn’t mean that expertise and routine are bad in an HR context, by the way… just that it is one of the functional spaces in which I think a balanced mix is probably more crucial.

Just a Friday thought stream…