1. Tim Sackett has a great post up wherein he points out human being’s general pre-disposition towards overestimating the likelihood of positive events and underestimating the likelihood of negative events. With these facts in mind, Sackett suggests that it’s the role of the HR Business Partner to mitigate risks as opposed to acting as advisory counsel. It’s a solid post, and you should check it out here.

2. Laszlo Bock, SVP of People Operations, and Brian Welle, Ph.D., Director of People Analytics at Google have an intriguing post up on Linkedin outlining a framework they’re using to move the needle on diversity within the Company. There are some good anecdotes to be found here, and the steps they’re taking to remove bias within their organization seem like they’d be transferable at other companies as well. Check out the full piece here.

3. Ann Bares writes about why the shakeup we’re all waiting for in the Total Rewards profession is likely to come from the outside. Citing a recent study, Bares provides evidence that everyone – but particularly experts – are predisposed towards disliking innovations and/or creative thinking that might disrupt conventional ways of doing things. This piece is worth the read for its anecdotes alone, but as always Bares goes a step further and provides insights into what our role as HR / compensation professionals might be when the time comes to integrate new (outside) ideas into our processes. This is a great piece, and you should check it out on Compensation Café here.

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