…not authority.” – Ken Blanchard



This week’s quote has been attributed to American author and management expert Ken Blanchard.

This quote is timely for me because the importance of building coalitions to execute on key objectives is taking on a greater level of prominence for me than at any prior point in my career. The institutional knowledge and process management competencies that have helped me drive my agendas in the past are no longer enough to guarantee success by themselves; instead, I now have to generate buy-in with stakeholders across multiple functions/levels to accomplish key goals. Understanding the scope/complexity of a project and how resources need to be allocated ultimately counts for little if the influencers required to drive an engagement aren’t first aligned and bought into a strategy.

…I am still figuring out how to be a strong influencer. Part of it is demonstrating technical competency (which carries with it credibility); part of it is being able to build rapport with leaders across contexts; part of it is identifying what really matters to your audience (as opposed to what they say matters)… and I suppose part of it is also being authentic in your interactions with people…

As we get started this week, I would encourage you to think carefully about what it takes to be a strong influencer within an organization. I suppose that it will be different for everyone, but that due diligence and integrity will be a constant everywhere.

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Happy Monday,