Sunday reading for September 21st, 2014:

1. S. Anthony Iannarino has a post up on thesalesblog.com wherein he illustrates that great execution and great strategy are not one in the same. Iannarino points out that often new leaders attempt to make an impact on their organizations by quickly shifting the strategy upon their arrival; however, they can often be just as (or more) effective by better executing the strategy already in place. For some, such a statement is common sense. But I think think changing course on strategy at the expense of execution is at trap that leaders at all levels can fall into, and as such I wanted to share this piece. This is a really quick, thought provoking read. Read it here.

2. Joel Gascoigne, Co-founder and CEO at Buffer has a great post up espousing the merits of transparency in organizations. This isn’t just lip service, either; from sharing the salary of every employee to customer data to sharing the number of people they’ve fired, Gascoigne practices what he preaches at his company. In return, the employees in his organization enjoy high levels of trust, teamwork, and engagement. There are some really good lessons in this piece. Learn more about them here.

3. HBR and Forbes contributor Dorie Clark writes about how changes in today’s economy have created unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurship and job stability for those that have the interest and ability to learn new things. Of course, the flip side of this is that earnings stability is now a tenuous thing for those that lack intellectual curiosity and a willingness to define and market their brand. This piece is recommended both for the forward-thinking ideas and great anecdotes highlighting how companies are also empowering employees to lead and drive their own careers in this new economy. Check it out here.

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