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RaedawnCorporate Recruiter with 10 plus years of Human Resources experience. She is currently a Technical Recruiter for Solutionary – the leading pure-play Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) delivering superior IT security and compliance solutions. With Solutionary Raedawn works with hiring managers across the company to find top talent for open positions. She is also responsible for increasing visibility of Solutionary through social media and college recruitment.

You can find Raedawn on Linkedin here and follow her on Twitter here.

1. Most job postings cite “X” years of relevant work experience and specific education criteria as requirements to be considered for the position. With this in mind, what prior work experiences and degrees/certifications/training helped prepare you for your current role?

I earned my MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. During my program, I started an internship in HR and I have been doing HR and Recruiting since. My first job out of college was an HR Assistant where I got exposed to all aspects of HR. Since we were a growing technology company, I was fortunate to be able to grow with the company and move around within the HR department. I found that my niche was recruiting, but I feel that having general HR knowledge makes me a better recruiter. I have since moved on to other companies, but in corporate recruiter roles.

1B. What (if any) additional knowledge or skills that you don’t currently have would make you even better at your job? 

Of course there are other skills that would make me better at my job. My position has evolved, and is more focused on sourcing than ever before, which means I am constantly trying to learn and stay up to date with what is going on in the recruiting/sourcing world.

2. Some jobs require the incumbent to be very analytical. Others require one to be a strong communicator, and others still require traits like patience, the ability to multitask, self-directedness, comfort with ambiguity, and exceptional attention to detail. Are there any behaviors and/or attributes that you would say are essential to performing the work that you do?  

Comfort with ambiguity and flexibility are probably most important in my position. I need to be able to easily switch gears. It is common that priorities change, and I have to then change my strategy. That is a part of being a recruiter. You have to deal with it and move on. In addition, I have to be a strong communicator and a relationship builder with my hiring managers and candidates.

3. Jobs guru Lou Adler says there are only 4 types of jobs in the world (producers, improvers, builders, and thinkers). Which type of job are you in? 

I would say a mix of all four, but more so Producer and Builder. As a corporate recruiter it is my job to produce. I also feel that to stay ahead in recruitment, you need to innovate, come up with new ideas, new ways to find top talent, etc. Not only that, but you have to mold it to your company and how you are as a recruiter. There are always trends that are claimed to be the latest and greatest in the recruiting industry, but it needs to fit your company and your goals. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon, but take a new idea and build it to fit you.

4. Does your job involve either directly or indirectly supervising or managing people? If so, how many direct (or indirect) reports do you have?

My current role does not involve managing people.

5. How does what you do impact the business? Think complexity (different types of impacts) and scale (degree of impact). Put another way: Who and what would be impacted if your job wasn’t being done well, and why would it matter that they were impacted? 

Our company is currently in growth mode, so it is imperative that we get the right people in key roles within our organization for success. Nothing like a little pressure in recruiting!

6. Is your job safe? Rate its safety on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “seated all day in an air conditioned vault” and 10 being “I’m an astronaut going into space”. If your job isn’t safe, what working conditions (specifically) make it hazardous?

Not only do I work in an “air conditioned vault” all day, I work at an information security company, so badges and finger prints are required all throughout the building. It’s like Fort Knox around here, so I feel very safe.

7. Is there anything I missed that people should know about your job? Is there anything else you want to say about what you do?

Since I have been working for technology companies my entire career, I have a passion for getting involved in the community and encouraging students to study STEM related fields. I also have been working with social media for our company. I have truly enjoyed this, and have been more active with my own social media accounts. Go ahead and connect with me!

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