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Torin EllisTorin Ellis delivers engaging and high spirited recruiting services by leveraging on and off line activity. He is a customer focused professional with a track record covering the last 15 years with service to CLECS, Start ups, Advertising, Energy, and Financial Service firms.

Torin is currently a Sole practitioner with more than 15 years experience in recruiting high impact talent that has included sales, sales leadership, network and software engineers. 

You can find Torris on Linkedin here, and follow him on Twitter here.

1. Most job postings cite “X” years of relevant work experience and specific education criteria as requirements to be considered for the position. With this in mind, what prior work experiences and degrees/certifications/training helped prepare you for your current role?  

No degree so this is one check box I’ve never completed.  My professional career started when I was young, for it was then that I learned the power of hustle and what it would mean in so much of what I would do.  I’ve participated in several training sessions that have been valuable: communication courses, diversity, leadership, team work, and others.  Believe it or not, I don’t carry any certifications. When I started my career in recruiting, it was after a successful stint in corporate america and I’ve never looked back.

1B. What (if any) additional knowledge or skills that you don’t currently have would make you even better at your job? 

For me, it would be interesting to shadow an internal corporate Director of Talent Acquisition. I suspect that experience would further my understanding of how workforce planning is done, systems engaged, technology research/vendors, and make me aware of forecast trends that I may not be aware of.

2. Some jobs require the incumbent to be very analytical. Others require one to be a strong communicator, and others still require traits like patience, the ability to multitask, self-directedness, comfort with ambiguity, and exceptional attention to detail. Are there any behaviors and/or attributes that you would say are essential to performing the work that you do?  

For me, I’d say all of the above.  My tag line for years has been “a better recruiting experience.”  That suggests and was born out of my desire to provide a high degree of customer service to both candidate and client.  The frustration with so many in my space is their lack of follow up, just leaving the engagement dark….with no warning.  I tend to sidestep all excuses and deliver some level of closure/completeness in each and every engagement. 

3. Jobs guru Lou Adler says there are only 4 job types of jobs in the world (producers, improvers, builders, and thinkers). Which type of job are you in? 

I’m dominant in the Builder/Thinker categories.  Recalling my experiences over the last 16 years of launching business projects and delivering staffing requests for clients, this has been my approach day in and out.

4. Does your job involve either directly or indirectly supervising or managing people? If so, how many direct (or indirect) reports do you have?  

Small staff of three to five…..depending on the time of the season and/or financial health of the business. 

5. How does what you do impact the business? Think complexity (different types of impacts) and scale (degree of impact). Put another way: Who and what would be impacted if your job wasn’t being done well, and why would it matter that they were impacted? 

From the start, my efforts are required for business development, which is the lifeline of the business.  Depending on the project I’m working, whether it be raising funds for an HBCU Athlete project around recruitment, or securing a new Hybrid Recruiting client, or laying the foundation for a SeeFuture mentoring initiative, the activities and ensuing conversations are completely different.  Each requires a special angle on research and its own introduction verbiage.  This requires a high degree of focus and self drive.

6. Is your job safe? Rate its safety on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “seated all day in an air conditioned vault” and 10 being “I’m an astronaut going into space”. If your job isn’t safe, what working conditions (specifically) make it hazardous?

Very safe (1).

7. Is there anything I missed that people should know about your job? Is there anything else you want to say about what you do?

Well let me share a title, if that matters: Diversity Search Maverick, involved in a few (on/offline) projects that impact diversity recruiting.