…So this morning as I hit the snooze button on my alarm, I realized that I miss 1. All of these instances are not the result of repeated presses of the snooze button.dozens of opportunities to be more productive every week. 1 The time wasted on its own is small, but over the balance of a day or a week or a month it adds up to something far more substantial. Recouping this time is not difficult – it simply requires me to get the painful moments of each day out of the way as opposed to letting them linger unaddressed.

Undesirable tasks are (for most people) a part of life. But be that task waking up 15 minutes earlier than you’d like, finishing a daunting report, getting to the gym everyday even when you’re tired, or having a difficult conversation with a peer/boss/direct, or something else one would rather not do it’s best to just pull the band-aid off.

I have a theory that making a habit of doing this in every aspect of your life or not is the difference between being moderately successful and highly successful.

…I will keep you posted on what I find.

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