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…is to expand the horizon of its wants and desires. – James Russell Lowell

This quote (for which we can thank the late American Romantic poet, critic, editor, and diplomat James Russell Lowell) is timely for me because lately I have been feeling stuck in place… but now I’ve figured out how to move forward again.

…I didn’t write or read about anything new for the first time in 556 days on Sunday. Instead, I just gave myself some white space to be alone with my thoughts. Afterwards, when I woke up this morning I realized that in order to better my understanding of the world – and in the process become a more well-rounded professional – I have to literally experience it differently than I presently do.

…As a practical matter this has all sorts of implications for my life. But for the purposes of this blog it means that the subject matter it focuses on will change:

This used to be a blog about HR. Now it’s going to be a blog about learning new things. The bucket they fall under is less important than the way to enhance and enrich the way I process information. This change (or, rather, expansion) in focus for the blog doesn’t mean I’m not still dedicated to ultimately becoming the best HR person that I can be. To the contrary, I would say the expansion of focus denotes a recognition that to be the best HR person I can be I need to be more than an HR person.

1. I may even dedicate a specific day to it.If you read this blog for the HR don’t worry – that will still be here too. 1 And if something on a given day isn’t relevant to your interests just keep checking back, and perhaps I will touch on something more relevant to your interests next time. ^_^

With that said, as we get started this week I want to encourage you to consider what knowledge you need to be successful in your endeavors. Are you exposing yourself to enough? How else could you be growing? What more could you be learning? Don’t be afraid if the answer is that you can be better. And don’t be afraid if isn’t immediately clear how you can do it or in what way. Be patient. Be thoughtful. Figure it out. And when inspiration strikes you, be purposeful.

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