…So the past few weeks I’ve hit a wall of sorts. While I’m dedicating the same amount of time I always have to learning and development, I’m simply not seeing the same gains I have in the past. I suppose part of this is just a product of diminishing returns: As we enhance our mastery of a given discipline, growth simply becomes more incremental as a matter of course. I’m exploring some mental tools I can leverage to shift my modes of thinking that should help with that.

Conversely, I think that another contributing factor here is that for going on 600 days now, I haven’t stepped back and gotten some distance from everything I’ve been learning about. And I am beginning to think that distance is necessary to continue to grow past a certain point.

You can call it white space, a vacation, work-life balance, or any number of other things. But it’s really important – and not because of burnout. People that like what they do and find a good rhythm don’t suffer from burnout. But I *do* think they plateau in even the best of cases if they don’t occasionally take a few moments to step away from what they’re doing and allow it to simmer without adding any new ingredients.

What’s the right amount of time here, though? Obviously that’s different for everybody, and it also looks different.

…I think I need some white space to let my thoughts settle for a while. But I’m not sure how much. I will figure it out, but am sharing my thoughts here today in case there’s anyone else experiencing the same feeling. If so I hope this helped contextualize it.

…And if you have any insights of your own, as always, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.