…to translate vision into reality. – Warren Bennis



We can thank the late American scholar, organizational consultant and author Warren Gamaliel Bennis for today’s quote. It is timely for me because I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to what it means to be a leader, lately

Being a great leader is not easy. On a purely technical level it means becoming an exceptional project manager, and it also means having the soft skills required to identify key stakeholders, understand what motivates them, and create alignment between your objectives and their own (even in cases where the link is fragile).

On another level, for those of us that are HR Business Partners our jobs also call on us to serve as coach and counsel to other leaders; doing this requires a mastery of execution capability that extends beyond the ability to lead an engagement, additionally demanding the breaking down of barriers in places where one has little if any formal authority. With this in mind, I think that great leadership might be more about bringing people along to have buy-in on a shared vision than it is about being a focal point for execution/change.

…So as we get started this week, in an effort to accomplish our bigger picture objectives let’s think about how our visions for the future fit into our organization’s collective destinies. And when we’ve done this, let’s then help others see how helping us realize our personal visions can also help them realize their own.

We are limited in what we can do as individuals, but if we strive to increase our ability to build coalitions in the pursuit of larger organizational goals there is no limit to what we can do.

…I think. But as always, maybe I have this wrong. Let me know one way or another in the comments section below.