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I got a really late start today, so apologies for the delay. With that said, here is your Sunday reading for August 24, 2014:

1. Ann Bares has a great post up on TLNT talking about the difference between good and bad turnover. This one is really good because it focuses on some of the major consequences of spreading turnover efforts out too broadly (e.g. you lose top performers who feel unappreciated while conversely under-performers don’t receive the incentives they need to either improve or else self-select out of the organization). This post is great because of the examples Bares gives to contextualize good vs. bad retention strategies, and also because of how it illustrates that failed strategies at one organization can succeed at another with just a few tweaks. Check the full piece out here, and as always please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. In this post, HR Director Kandie Kelley writes about the trap of labeling new-hires ‘bad fits’ in instances where the real challenges are failures on the part of management to clearly define expectations and properly on-board said talent. This is a good read for any line leaders or HR professionals who may be struggling with getting external hires up to speed. Before assuming performance issues are the culprit , take 5 minutes to check out Kelley’s piece here and examine if there might be other causal factors undermining your new employees ability to thrive.

3. Sharlyn Lauby has an outstanding list of 10 soft skills that every employee should have up on HR Bartender here. There isn’t one on the list that isn’t table stakes for someone looking to eventually step into the a senior leadership (or even middle management) role, so if you have aspirations for either (or are already there and struggling in your current position) check Lauby’s post out and see if you might be missing a core competency in the soft/people skills department.

As always, please share your thoughts in the comments section.