Image Credit: <www.b1g1.com

Image Credit: <www.b1g1.com>

…You learn by doing, and by falling over.” – Richard Branson

This week’s quote has been attributed to Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, an English business magnate and investor perhaps best known as the founder of the Virgin Group,

…I’m sharing today’s quote because lately I am starting to appreciate the utility of hard knocks. Or – put another way – I am starting to recognize that some of the most memorable lessons come when I fail at something. Furthermore, when everything is going off without a hitch, it’s generally because what I’m doing is 1. …Or I’m going through a great patch of good fortune.something I am already very well versed in… 1 and by extension often not all that challenging.

Conversely, when I’m doing something for the first time I must (typically) travel a bumpy road to proficiency. The journey is not always pleasant, but the experiences I have along the way are enduring. I learn all sorts of things I could never understand from reading about them in a book.

I learn all sorts of things that make me better.

…So as we get started this week, stay mindful of how often you do things at work that give you pause. And stay attentive of how often you make mistakes. I would submit to you that if you are never experiencing either outcome that perhaps it is time for you to do something else.

No one learns to walk without falling over a few time. So keep learning new things… and occasionally falling over.

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