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Sunday reading for August 17, 2014:

1. Brad Bingham, HR Operations Manager at Unum has a post up on Linkedin espousing the utility of being able to communicate a simple, compelling message to an audience. In an effort to provide as much clarity as possible, it is easy to go too far and instead overload one’s audience with information. Bingham provides some helpful hints detailing how to can avoid this trap and instead tell rich, captivating stories that inspire those listening/reading to take the actions you ask of them. Check the full piece out here.

2. Organizational Transformation Consultant Ron Ashkenas has a great post up on Forbes wherein he writes about the challenges organizations around the globe are facing with succession planning at all levels. He highlights the adverse impacts poor succession planning can have on companies, including lower employee engagement and retention, costly replacement processes, and operational performance deficiencies. He closes by offering up two table stakes ingredients that organizations must implement on an enterprise level in order for succession planning to succeed… which I won’t spoil in this post. Instead, to learn more read the full article here.

3. I haven’t worked directly in the comp space for about 18 months now. Aside from annual merit reviews at my location and putting together packages for new hires, my current role simply doesn’t require much of me here. With that said, I still like to keep up to date on what’s going on in the field. And to that end there are few resources as valuable as Dan Walter over at Performensation. He has a short piece up on his blog highlighting changes to the annual ISS executive comp evaluation process. ISS now has a new portal that will allow employers to ensure alignment with the firm on the accuracy of their key plan data points. The portal also provides greater transparency into ISS’ plan analysis process. If you are part of your organization’s executive compensation team and any of this sounds the least bit new to you this one is a must read.

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