Sunday reading for August 3, 2014:

1. Ann Bares, Founder and Editor of Compensation Café has a great post up wherein she highlights how entrenched reward programs can serve as an impediment to needed change at critical points in an organization’s life cycle. Recounting a story from the Oxford University Handbook on Organizational Climate and Culture, Bares illustrates that even reward programs that once drove innovation and high performance can outgrow their usefulness, devolving from value added utilities to become barriers to progress. I especially liked this piece because of the point woven in towards the end that a rewards program insulated from the external market indirectly harms its talent by creating a disconnect between which skills are valued in the marketplace and what is valued internally. Check this one out here.

2.  What’s the chief value of a great employer brand? According to talent pro Tim Sackett, it’s the self-esteem one derives from working there. Sackett argues that at the end of the day we all have brands that we highly value… and that our social circles value. The brands we pick will vary by the sense of meaning and purpose we seek in our lives, but what they are for each of us, they have one thing in common – they instill in us a sense of personal pride. I thought this was an insightful post that’s worth a read for its advice on the role of the employer alone, which you can learn by reading here.

3. Liz Ryan has an on-point piece up at Linkedin laying out when and how you should ask for a raise. I recommend this one both for its specificity and for laying out the practical reasons why the advice works. It’s also value added because of Liz’s unique ability to empower people through helping them to see themselves at their best. If you’re thinking about asking for a raise soon this one is an absolute must. Check it out here.

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