…So I normally use this Wednesday (as well as Tuesday) space to share my thoughts around a particular HR white paper or thought leader piece that caught my attention during that morning. For those of you who check in for those posts I apologize for doing something a little different these past few days. Regularly scheduled programming will begin again shortly.

With that said, I am feeling a bit reflective this week. I’m in the middle of (another) move for a new role, and have seen several colleagues and friends across companies move for new opportunities within the same 10 day span. Some of these moves have been internal, while others have gone outside their companies… but people are moving on. They are changing jobs, cities, and ways of life. In some cases they leave behind close friends, loved ones, and legacies as they step forward into the new and unknown.

…I am restless and nomadic by nature. I have a said before that to stop learning and progressing is for me a sort of death, and so in many ways the constant travel and challenge of stepping into uncharted territory is exciting. Romantic, even. And so I intuitively understand in ways that I lack the prose to explain the allure of moving. Onward. Upward. Somewhere. 

But there is also something sad about it. Many of the people you work with today will not be your colleagues this time next year. Some of them won’t even be colleagues this time next month. You will promise to keep in touch when you or they move on. But geographic boundaries and more pressing and immediate people and concerns at your/their next step will often render such promises impractical over the long term. Relationships – like most everything else – change.

All of this is okay. It should be celebrated, even.

…As long as we occasionally take time to remember. What we experienced. Who we met. And what it all meant.