Sunday reading for July 13, 2014:

Apologies for the late start today (it’s 7:07 p.m. central time as I sit down to write this), but here are my recommendations from today’s reading:

1. Executive & Leadership Coach Ray Williams has a well-written piece on Linkedin outlining all that Generation Y has to offer… and the economic challenges that may prevent them from accomplishing it. As a Gen Yer myself, I found the piece representative of the unique strengths our cohort brings to society as well as a sobering reminder of the things it has working against it. I’m recommending this one for managers/employers because understanding the dynamics at play here is an integral component to empowering your younger talent to succeed and in the process driving bottom line results. Check the full piece out here.

2. Conradin Merk, Jonathan Silver, and Fabio D. Torrisi have a piece up on McKinsey Insights highlighting a sea change in the way that organizations think about sourcing talent. Wear as in the recent past outsourcing was an increasingly prevalent talent sourcing model, for many organizations nearshoring (locations in neighboring countries), farmshoring (lower-cost locations in the company’s home country), or even onshoring are now preferable alternatives. Particularly in the manufacturing sector, decreasing natural gas prices and a rebounding economy (now clamoring for select luxury goods) has made hiring domestically and in some cases even onshoring a prudent business decision. I love this piece because of the big picture outlook it provides of the global talent marketplace. Check out the full piece out here.

3. Deloitte asks readers to consider how companies should consider leveraging social to grow its talent brand in this excellent piece. The piece correctly points out that the talent brand and employer brand are owned by two functions that don’t traditionally work closely together (HR and Marketing)… making a unified talent/employer brand difficult. But conversely, it’s hard to deny the value companies like Google and BCG have added to their talent brands by leveraging social media channels. Check this one out in the link above, and consider following Deloitte on Twitter here.

As always, please share your thoughts in the comments below.