…Follow Your Effort” – Mark Cuban



For this quote we can thank Mark Cuban, an American businessman best know for his majority ownership of the Dallas Mavericks.

This quote is great to me because it serves as a reminder that the reason I am passionate about what I do is because I worked long and hard enough to become (kind of) good at it.

…In life it is often easy to become so fixated upon that which we think we might like to do that we lose sight of the enormous opportunities that lay before us to develop ourselves in the space(s) we are currently working. Ergo, by recognizing our existing strengths and taking advantage of opportunities we already have to add value, there is a chance to cultivate passions we never knew that we had and – in the process – create satisfying careers for ourselves.

…So as we get started this week, I would encourage you to think about where your efforts have taken you to date. Are you good at what you do? How much better could you get with more time and resources? Answering these questions will help you to drill in on what’s important to your success and (hopefully) discover new loves.

Happy Monday,