…but when you have it, you have it all over.” – Elvis Presley

Public Domain

Public Domain

We can thank the late American singer, musician, and actor “The King” Elvis Presley for this week’s quote. It’s timely for me because – at a time where time management has been especially difficult – it reminds me of the importance of rhythm to success.

…For the past 70+ Sundays, I have started my day reading HR articles, blog posts, and white papers across the internet and then writing about them. This past Sunday was the first one that did not start that way, and the realization of this fact served to make me aware that my life had become shockingly out of rhythm.

…I have been “on the road” – for either work or personal matters – for roughly the past two weeks. And in conjunction with the changes associated with starting a new role, this lack of stability has caused me to break with many old habits and adopt new ones. Some of these changes have been good, while others have been less so.

Unfortunately, many recent changes in my life have caused learning to take a back seat to that which is expedient or urgent, and in the process some of my best habits have fallen away.

…Realizing this caused me to pause and re-assess what I needed to do to get my life back in rhythm. And I came away from my assessment process with several key takeaways that will (hopefully) leave me in an even better place than before.

As we get started this week, I would encourage you to look at your day-to-day and consider if you are in rhythm. Because while rhythm is difficult to find, when you have it you have it all over.

Everything clicks.

Happy Monday,