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Sunday reading for June 22, 2014:

1. Marc Miller has a great post up on Personal Branding Blog highlighting the value of Linkedin Publisher as a tool to increase one’s brand equity. In addition to providing an overview of Publisher’s mechanics, the piece also gives some helpful tips on how to drive traffic to pieces written on the site. Learn more about Publisher by checking out Miller’s piece here.

2. Dilip Saraf, Advisor at FoundersClick.com has some interesting thoughts on salary negotiation. I’ve written a lot about this topic before, but Saraf has a few different takes on the subject (specifically around when and how you should share your ask) that provide a fresh take on the subject. Check this one out here.

3. HR Consultant and blogger Sharlyn Lauby has a great post up on Peoplefluent explaining why organizations would do well to de-segment their talent strategies. In a world where organizations are becoming increasingly global and divisional in their structures, having a unified talent strategy will allow them to optimize the value of contingent labor by moving said talent into more roles across the enterprise. This is a really good piece. I highly recommend checking it out here.

As always, please share your thoughts in the comments below.