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…So this morning I read a great piece from Jim D’Amico at ere.net. You can check it out here (and you should as it’s a really short, good read), but long story short he takes the position that recruiters have a framing problem. They look at the recruiting process through the lens that talent is difficult to find, but what they should be doing is recognizing that it is easy to find talent, but the challenge is selling them on the opportunity at the company they work for. She goes on to say that in such cases organizations should be investing in training recruiters how to sell and close passive candidates (and/or addressing the institutional factors that make their company an unattractive place to work). The candidate shortage should then take care of itself, theoretically.

While the piece glosses over the reality that as a society we *do* have shortages of skilled labor across a variety of functional disciplines and trades, I like its point that on an individual level organizations can resolve their own talent shortages simply because most companies don’t effectively train their talent teams on how to upsell their candidates or effectively brand themselves as premier employers.

…I recently moved and am still working off of a mobile device, so I’ll hold off on a deep dive into this topic for now. But I thought the author had an interesting point and wanted to share.

What is your organization doing to resolve issues around recruiter training? What could it be doing differently? As always, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.