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Sunday reading for June 15, 2014:

1. Trish McFarlane, VP of Human Resource Practice and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, has an interesting post up on Linkedin espousing the merits of an “apology letter” from managers to their teams. Most managers are busy, and as such it can be difficult to stay engaged with everything their teams do on a day-to-day basis. By occasionally taking a moment to acknowledge this fact and recognize your team’s performance to date, however, you can re-energize contributors that may otherwise be feeling disengaged. This is a good piece with some sound advice. Check it out here.

2. Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan lists some resume mistakes every job seeker would do well to avoid which you can find here. In addition to the resume suggestions, this is a highly recommended read because it gives a broad overview of the job market as it is today and the mindset it takes to find a great role within it.

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