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…So this morning I read a great post from China Gorman examining what attributes millennials most value in the workplace. You can read the full piece here, but in short it draws from research looking at the “best places to work” as judged by survey respondents to identify what benefits the top employers have in common.

Topping the list of great workplace features are fair pay, say in decisions, and competent management, while features that we might expect to top the list (such as self-expression and work-life balance) fall closer to the center.

I shared this piece today because it highlights a reality that is not necessarily intuitive but is nonetheless true: We all want basically the same things at work. As a millennial myself, I can say that this list doesn’t surprise me a bit. If I could have added something to it as table stakes I might have also included “somewhat clearly defined timelines around advancement”, but that’s it. Most of my peers are the same way.

Organizations are spending a fortune trying to engage their workforce, but most recent college grads just want to pay off their student loans (while still having enough to buy the things important to them) and to have a sense of agency at work. A good manager is a definite plus.

What do you guys think? Gorman points out that some of the items more conventionally associated with things millennials value may be lower down the list partly because organizations have done a better job across the board of implementing them. Food for thought…

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