…is to trust them.” – Ernest Hemingway



This week’s quote has been attributed to legendary American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway. I wanted to share it with you today because it speaks to a truth that I have witnessed the validity of over and over again – to get anything of significance done in life you need to work with others… no one does anything big alone. And this reality of life means that to make a difference at some point you’ve got to learn to trust people.

Trust is not something that you always have the luxury of bestowing onto trusted friends and family. Sometimes, you’ll need to trust strangers. In such cases we only have our instincts to guide us and faith that if we put our trust in those that seem worthy of it that most of the time that faith will be rewarded.

This becomes even more true as one steps into larger roles of leadership. Delegation becomes a fact of life, and furthermore one can personally pick fewer and fewer of the people entrusted to enact their strategic vision.

…Fortunately, much of what we accomplish in life is driven by how we see ourselves and what we believe is possible. And so when others place their trust in us to stretch ourselves and do big things this often awakens an inner flame that allows us to rise to the challenge.

So as we get started this week, I want to ask you to try and trust someone in your life – personally or professionally – with a little bit more than you have trusted them with before. If they succeed, you will have strengthened a relationship with that person and gained an awareness of someone you can rely on in the future. And if they fail, try to contextualize why that failure happened (and then file it away as a lesson well learned).

Or maybe I have this one wrong? Let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Monday,