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…the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Harvard Art Museum/Fogg Museum

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For this quote we can thank Benjamin Disraeli, a British politician, writer and aristocrat who twice served as Prime Minister.

Memorial Day is an opportunity for us to remember the brave men and women who died for our country while serving in our armed forces. Regardless of one’s thoughts around the causes they fought and died for, the sacrifice of life they gave in the name of our country is worthy of our utmost respect.

…Most of us occasionally have demands made upon us which we are loathe to take on. Sometimes this is for good reason – i.e. if the task or persons asking it of us are not worthy of our time or effort. But on those other occasions – where what we are reticent to take on is a challenging day at the office or a difficult personal endeavor – I would ask that you remember the example of the solders who carried on with their challenging and difficult tasks even in the face of death

Memorial Day is a day that allows us to honor the memory of our solders… and in honoring that memory it is also an opportunity for us contextualize our own struggles and gain perspective on what it truly means to be a great example.

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