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Sunday reading for April 06, 2014:

1. Sharlyn Lauby has a great post up on HR Bartender outlining a few things that any company looking to institute a holacracy might do well to remember. I’ve written before about holocracies and their potential pitfalls here, but I wanted to share this piece today because in it Lauby provides a road map for what successful implementation of a holocracy might look like. This is a solid read, and you should check it out here.

2. Washington Post Style writer Monica Hesse just published an article cataloging the hiring challenges being faced by a new egg-breaking plant based out of a small community in rural Ohio. The piece highlights a problem that many companies are trying to tackle today – finding qualified applicants willing to take good jobs located in less than attractive locations. As a former full-time recruiter that was tasked with filling good paying jobs in places few people wanted to live, I found this to be a fascinating read. On another level, I also think many a job seeker would do well to read this one for the lessons it yields about resume writing, the application process, and interviewing. You can read the full post here.

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