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Image Credit: <stockarch.com

Image Credit: <stockarch.com>

Sunday reading for March 30, 2014:

1. Human Workplace CEO Liz Ryan has a great post up on Linkedin that on one level focuses on the elements of a good job search, but at core is about taking action. She recounts several stories of instances in which job applicants – despite having information that would help them get a leg up in their job searches – reverted to behaviors guaranteed to prevent their resumes from standing out. The big less I took from this is that anytime one is perusing something in demand – be it a rare opportunity or a precious resource/commodity- it is important to stand out. When we what everyone else is doing, we are likely to get what everyone else is getting. This is why it’s important to cast doubt aside, ignore the obstacles in our paths, and move forward. Read Liz’s full piece here to learn what that looks like.

2. I really enjoyed this article from Bersin by Deloitte Founder Josh Bersin, summarizing the business case for building an incredible work environment (and detailing the elements needed to get there). There are things here that employers and employees alike can do to improve their happiness and engagement levels (the former of which I will integrate in my life and the latter of which as an HR guy I will look to build within my organization). This is an excellent read that I highly recommend checking out here.

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