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Image Credit: <savingsangel.com

Image Credit: <savingsangel.com>

Sunday reading for March 23, 2014:

1. As many in the comp space are aware, President Obama has launched a Presidential initiative to expand overtime eligibility to include employees that have historically been considered exempt due to falling into broadly defined “executive” and “professional” classifications. Unfortunately, very few details of the proposal are available at this time. With that said, Jim Brennan, Senior Associate of ERI Economic Research Institute has a great post up on Compensation Café helping us to understand exactly what the Presidential Order might mean for employers, and what resources we can utilize to stay abreast of updates going forward. If you’re an HR/comp person I highly recommend checking this one out here.

2. Author/blogger/entrepreneur Penelope Trunk has a great post up on her website highlighting the importance of trusting yourself in your 20s. She recounts a period of time immediately following undergraduate school where she had no money, no friends, and a sense that she’d failed to meet her expectations in life to date. At the time – despite doing something she loved and having a lifestyle that allowed her to learn a lot about herself – she was deeply unhappy because she wasn’t confident that she was making the right choices. This was a good read for me because I’m beginning to understand that it isn’t enough to just follow your heart. The hard part really comes after that. See, no matter what choices we make we are going to have moments of self-doubt and insecurity. But in order to enjoy the present and really get the most out of the time we’re in, we must have the confidence to embrace our choices and everything that comes with them. Generally speaking I disagree with at least 80% of what Penelope Trunk says (or at least dislike the way she says it), but this piece is a really good read. Check it out here.

3. Deepak Chopra, Founder of the Chopra Foundation has an insightful post up on Linkedin about the difference between money and wealth. In it, citing numerous examples he demonstrates that having money doesn’t necessarily make a person or society wealthy. See… while money is a thing with tangible value, wealthiness is fundamentally a psychological state. Fortunately, by understanding this fact we can take steps to lead better, more fulfilling lives. Chopra summarizes his understanding of how we can do this here.

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