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Lexie Forman-OrtizLexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters, a hiring platform that gives social enterprises the tools they need to source, engage and hire top talent.

A 2012 University of Kansas graduate, Lexie is passionate about great conversation and making hiring easy. You can find her on Linkedin here and follow her on Twitter here.

1. Most job postings cite “X” years of relevant work experience and specific education criteria as requirements to be considered for the position. With this in mind, what prior work experiences and degrees/certifications/training helped prepare you for your current role?

Well, I got to SmartRecruiters right after I graduated from college. I majored in Anthropology and Communications. It’s definitely accurate to say I have an intense curiosity about people and the way they communicate. I could nerd out all day about it. So in that sense, Community Management encompassed my interests, but I didn’t have “experience” that you’d traditionally see on a resume.

I started as a Social Media Intern, and learned how to apply my college degree and ethnographic study ability to Social Media. I started small projects, and wanted to see them grow so I dove in deeper and deeper. A few months later they created a brand new position for me as the Community Manager.

I’m a talkoholic, and I really wanted to succeed. So, having drive and passion- that’s my training/certification/etc. I am really lucky in that sense, I’ve found a job that matches my personality and interests incredibly well. I think people sometime discredit their natural abilities or interests in the job search – in my opinion it’s the most important factor.

1B. What (if any) additional knowledge or skills that you don’t currently have would make you even better at your job?

Ha. That list could go on forever. You have to always want to be better at your job.

I can be a better writer, a better organizer, a better listener. I could think more mathematically and get better at metrics, and case studies. If I were a better designer or illustrator I could be more self-sufficient in marketing design.

The second you say, “I know everything I need to know for this job,” it’s time to move on and challenge yourself, and also take a piece of humble-pie. There is ALWAYS more.

2. Some jobs require the incumbent to be very analytical. Others require one to be a strong communicator, and others still require traits like patience, the ability to multitask, self-directedness, comfort with ambiguity, and exceptional attention to detail. Are there any behaviors and/or attributes that you would say are essential to performing the work that you do?

All of the above. In customer-facing positions there’s not a lot of things you have control over. My actions are dictated by the SmartRecruiters community. In terms of an analytical mind, I need to read between the lines, or pay close attention to trends so I can better serve the community. If customers are having issues, I need to be patient and give them the space to articulate what’s going on. Some days I’ll have blogs I need to write, feedback groups I need to organize, presentations I need to edit, and copy to write all at once. It’s the nature of the game. 

3. Jobs guru Lou Adler says there are only 4 job types of jobs in the world (producers, improvers, builders, and thinkers). Which type of job are you in?

I think we all have a little bit of each in us. In this role, I’d say I’m dominantly a producer and builder. 

4. Does your job involve either directly or indirectly supervising or managing people? If so, how many direct (or indirect) reports do you have?

Not right now. We usually have a couple of interns during the off-school season. It’s definitely something I miss. In the future, WAY down the line – I’d like to be a teacher. That’s how I see good management. Building people up, celebrating their skills, and improving whatever they’re not as comfortable with. I have never believed in managing by checking off to-do lists and micromanagement. 

5. How does what you do impact the business? Think complexity (different types of impacts) and scale (degree of impact). Put another way: Who and what would be impacted if your job wasn’t being done well, and why would it matter that they were impacted?

At SmartRecruiters we say, “hiring is social.” Being social is one of our main values as a company. We’d be hypocrites if we didn’t make ourselves available to the public. It’s not just me though, everyone in our office has made a commitment to show up. If we stopped showing up on social media, and listening to our customers we’d be like the most companies. We are SO much better than that. 

6. Is your job safe? Rate its safety on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “seated all day in an air conditioned vault” and 10 being “I’m an astronaut going into space”. If your job isn’t safe, what working conditions (specifically) make it hazardous?

Super safe. I haven’t been attacked by any angry Twitter followers yet. And I’m usually able to avoid any faulty furniture disasters. 

7. Is there anything I missed that people should know about your job? Is there anything else you want to say about what you do?

On the spot, no. But anyone can absolutely reach out to me if they have any questions. 

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