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Image Credit: <meldacreates.com>

Sunday reading for March 2, 2014

1. Compensation Café Founder and Editor Ann Bares has a great post up highlighting the importance of placing “tripwires” throughout your organization. A tripwire is a metric or data point that sounds the alarm that all is not as it should be. Is your voluntary turnover going up? Your days-to-fill for technical positions? Perhaps your workplace recordable injuries are climbing. Tracking these metrics and identifying what workplace ill(s) they correlate with can keep your organization ahead of the curve on all sorts of things including performance management, retention, and engagement. Check out Bares’s full post here to learn more.

2.  Mukul Chopra, the Chief Information Officer at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities asks us to consider if easy access to information is inhibiting our ability to think critically. Are we using search engines and other technology as a crutch in situations where we should instead be thinking through answers to challenging problems? Chopra postulates that to generate the innovative tools and products that will make society better in the future, perhaps a table stakes requirement is the ability to understand the proofs that got us to the present. Check out his full piece on Linkedin here.

3. Responding a to concerned parent’s request for guidance on how to manage his daughter’s career, Liz Ryan champions the importance of learning who you are and what makes you happy. Our careers are too big a part of our lives for us not to enjoy them, and to this point the path to finding a meaningful career is different for everyone. Learn more about why it’s most important to focus on the journey (as opposed to the destination) here.

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