Image Credit: <www.lcfresearch.org

Image Credit: <www.lcfresearch.org>

…So I’ve spent the past couple of days (off and on) trying to identify all of the major HR organizations (national or greater scope). My aim is to gain a better understanding of who exactly is doing innovative research/having important conversations within the functional space so that I might optimally direct my learning and development HR efforts in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the field. To the point, the list that I’ve put together can 1. I’m not focusing on publications, blogs, or regional organizations (unless they’re really large/influential) right now. I also (for various reasons) didn’t include firms specializing in human capital consulting (although I’m sure a few of those made it onto this list). Those sources are all important, but for now I want to focus on cataloging the major associations and research organizations, understanding what they’re working on, and then using that information to hone my focus/direct my thoughts. If the tide doesn’t rise, the rest will come in due time. ^_^be found at the end of this post.

I know I can’t possibly have them all yet... I started my process here by doing Boolean web searches for various lists and orgs of this kind, then worked through the websites of major human resources degree graduate programs. I also skimmed the websites of the major human capital firms (PwC, Mercer, Aon, Towers etc.) for some direction here, and then finally tapped some subject matter experts in my network. But I have a feeling that I’m not thinking broadly enough here. For instance, if an association is branding itself using a less conventional HR bucket (using something like “Organizational Effectiveness”, “People Management” or has some behavioral psychology focus) then I’m probably completely missing them on the present lists.

…I’m also looking to break this list out into major HR research organizations catering specifically to CHROS and/or Fortune 500 Companies with a global focus. Some examples in the U.S. would be the Center for Advanced Human Resources (CAHRS) and the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO).

Please share any I missed here in the comments section (with an emphasis on global HR organizations catering to CHROs/Industry Leaders), and/or reach out to me on any of my social channels (column to the left).



The List:

Academy of Human Resource Development
American Arbitration Association
Council for Global Immigration
American Payroll Association
American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration
American Society for Training & Development
Asociación Mexicana en Dirección de Recursos Humanos
Association of Executive Search Consultants
Australian Human Resources Institute
Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association
Center for Effective Organizations (CEO)
Center for Human Resource Management Studies
Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies
Center for Human Resources Research (CHRR)
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
College and University Professional Association for Human Resources
Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies
Council on Employee Benefits
Employee Benefit Research Institute
Employers Council on Flexible Compensation
Employers Resource Association
Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management
HR Policy Association
HRO Service and Technology Association
Human Resource Planning Society
Human Resource Research Center
Human Resources Benchmarking Association
Human Resources Independent Consultants
Human Resources Professionals Association
Human Resources Research Organization
Independent Energy Human Resources Association
Institute of Human Resource Management of Serbia
Institute of Recruiters
International Association for Human Resource Information Management
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
International Public Management Association for Human Resources
International Society for Performance Improvement
International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists
Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA)
National Academy of Human Resources
National Association of African Americans in Human Resources
National Association of Human Resource Consultants
National Association of Personnel Services
National Human Resources Association (NHRA)
National Institute of Personnel Management
North American Human Resource Management Association
Recognition Professionals International
Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
World at Work