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Image Credit: <inhabitat.com

Image Credit: <inhabitat.com>

Sunday reading for February 16, 2014:

1. Compensation thought leader Ann Bares has a solid post up on Compensation Cafe touching on a challenge that many of us in HR have encountered at some point: An inability to recruit talent within the ranges our survey data suggests we should be able to. No company really has completely accurate pay data (75% of Payscale’s respondents to the company’s 2014 annual best practices report said they aren’t satisfied with the compensation data available in the market), but we can track the market a little bit more effectively by following Bares’s advice here.

2. Freelance writer Jena McGregor has a thought provoking article up on The Washington Post that deep dives into the changing demographic makeup of executives at Fortune 100 companies. There are many more women in senior leadership roles than 30 (or even 10) years ago, and there is also more diversity in executive’s educational backgrounds. This is a really good read that I highly recommend checking out here.

3. Josh Bersin has a thoughtful post up on Linkedin highlighting why it’s a mistake for us to try and fit human performance at work into a normal distribution. I’ve briefly talked about some of the power law distribution research he cites in the article before (here and here and here), but in true Bersin fashion his article provides a fresh take on the study – particularly as it concerns its implications about the way the modern performance appraisal process may be adversely impacting engagement, effort and retention. This is a must read, so check it out here.

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