Image Credit: <ieanea.org

Image Credit: <ieanea.org>

Sunday reading for February 9, 2014:

1. Freelance writer and editor Barbara Haislip has a great post up at the Wall Street Journal highlighting some best practices for managing office relationships. The advice is tailored to small firms, but I think much of it is
1. While bigger firms are often better equipped from personnel and legal/financial standpoints to handle the fallout of bad inter-office breakups than their smaller counterparts, they are just as vulnerable to the broader interpesonal impacts these breakups can have on the workforce.equally applicable to larger organizations 1. Throughout my career in HR, the toughest interpersonal conflicts I’ve had to resolve have been those in which the parties involved had extensive personal histories… and I say that to say that it’s important to get this stuff right; the negative impact of ugly falling outs (romantic or otherwise) on the work environment is frequently too great not to. Check this piece out here.

2. Best Selling Author, Computer Science Ph.D, and Georgetown Professor Cal Newport has a great post up on his website touching on the importance of understanding what success looks like before beginning a new venture. I’ve briefly written about this topic before, and Newport takes the concept a step further by highlighting that the bar one needs to clear to be great at something is often quite high – in many cases prohibitively so. To this point, doing due diligence before embarking on a new endeavor can prevent us from attempting tasks which we have no chance of completing (allowing us to use that time/opportunity costs to pursue more fruitful activities). This is a good post – check it out here.

3. It turns out that about 20 percent of job seekers have at some point had a job offer rescinded because they tried to negotiate. With this in mind, Executive Resume and Profile Writer Donna Svei has a post up on AvidCareerist highlighting when it’s a good idea to negotiate up on an offer versus when it isn’t. This is a must read. Check it out here.

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