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Sunday reading for February 2, 2014:

1. Career Strategist and Business Coach Dawn Lennon has a great post up on her blog reminding us that – when it comes to our careers – we get out what we put in. If you want a career that you’re energetic and passionate about then put in the work to get good at what you do. There is some evidence to suggest that it is the process of getting good at one’s craft that cultivates passion, so check out Dawn’s full post here and internalize the importance of getting better to grow your career.

2. Over at CNBC, Shelly K. Schwartz has a great post advising on some best practices as it concerns saving for the future. As our careers begin to take off we also often begin to make some of the biggest financial decisions of our lives. Check Schwartz’s post out here to learn how you can prevent these decisions from becoming some of your biggest financial mistakes.

3. As I said last week, with the economy picking up many people are seeking new opportunities in 2014. If you’re in that group, check out Human Workplace CEO Liza Ryan’s post here advising on how to conduct your job search the right way – and how to know when to walk away if a role isn’t the right fit.

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