…oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” – Peter Marshall

Image Credit: <en.wikipedia.org

Image Credit: <en.wikipedia.org>

The author of this quote is Peter Marshall, an American preacher perhaps best known for being twice appointed as Chaplain of the United States Senate.

This was a good quote for me to come across this morning, because I have been stretching myself pretty thin lately, and on more than a few occasions I’ve 1. Now available on Amazon for just $6.49.longed for an easy button. 1 

Really thinking about it, however, we don’t want things to be easy. The difficulty of a task is what creates separation. Great people, great organizations, and great accomplishments can exist only in the context of something lesser.

In many ways this is all common sense stuff, but it’s worth occasionally reminding ourselves of this simple truth; doing so allows us to more easily embrace the journey to whatever our ultimate destination may be.

So as we get started this week, let’s remember to savor our most trying personal and professional challenges. Be it a seemingly impossible to fill requisition, a difficult employee relations issue, a heated contract negotiation, or some other amalgam of trying personal and/or professional circumstances, remember that – if we let it – adversity can build both character and substance.

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