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Image Credit: <encweekly.com

Image Credit: <encweekly.com>

Sunday reading for January 26, 2014:

1. Did you know that the majority of the U.S. population still uses word of mouth to find their jobs? Citing a study from Whale Path that you can find here, HR executive Tim Sackett points out what many of us intuitively already know: Life is about relationships. To be sure, when sourcing for talent with more technical skill-sets it’s safe to say that a strong social presence and efficient m-site are valuable tools that assist significantly in the recruiting process. But the best way for recruiters to fill most jobs might still be by leveraging their networks. 

2. Author and Spencer Stuart Executive James Citrin recently offered up some great interview advice on Linkedin. The big takeaway? Answering a question well isn’t enough. The most memorable interviewers weave their answers into a larger career narrative. What’s your story? How does it make you a fit for the job you’re interviewing for? This is not an easy thing to do, but Citrin offers up some helpful tips to get you started here.

3. Sharlyn Lauby has a thought provoking post up on HRBartender where she highlights the distinction between culture problems and morale problems. These are two distinct organizational challenges that often have very similar symptoms but different causes (and equally different solutions). Lauby goes on to outline an action plan for resolving said issues, which is worth the price of admission here (as always, free) by itself. Check this one out here.

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