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I am a big fan of personality/behavioral tests: Be it Myers-Briggs (I’m an INTJ), The Big Five (aka OCEAN), DISC, HarrisonworkZeit (you’ve probably never heard of it but you should have) or some other assessment, if you can name it I’ve probably taken it.

…It’s not that I inherently place a lot of weight on tests like these. Heck, setting aside the fact that there is plenty of evidence such assessments are limited in their validity (and frequently misused), I believe that neither personality nor behavioral traits are fixed: Both can (and often do) fundamentally change throughout one’s life.

With that said, one reason I love personality/behavioral tests is because they’re a nice way to get a pulse on one’s temperament right now. To this point, I am a huge proponent of frequently stepping back and reflecting on my attitudes towards life: By examining how I’m experiencing and thinking about the world, I can bring context to my actions and understand if I’m headed in the right direction.

…And as an HR guy, I like these sorts of tests because (in the proper context) they can help teams work together more effectively and managers better understand their direct reports (and vice versa).

Are your values and behaviors aligned with the way you want to live your life? Are you in a career that’s aligned with those things? I’d encourage you to take 1. Or at least just think about it. 🙂a few personality tests and reflect. 1 In the process, you might discover a lot about who you are (and if you like where you’re going).

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