Image Credit: <copycatlooks.blogspot.com

Image Credit: <copycatlooks.blogspot.com>

Sunday reading for January 12, 2014:

1. HR exec Tim Sackett postulates that this is the year retention becomes a big thing again. And – setting aside the fact that the latest jobs report is fairly bleak – I am inclined to agree with him. Of course, with retention moving to the forefront once more HR execs are in the hot seat! With this fact on his mid, Sackett gives a tongue-in-cheek-action plan outlining how HR pros charged with leading the talent function can come out of the aforementioned hot seat positioned for future success. This is a fun one: Check it out here

2. Do you know why we have the 8(.8) hour work week? Turns out that the tradition has its roots in the industrial revolution and may not be the most efficient way to optimize workplace performance anywhere outside of a manufacturing environment. Find out more about the history of the 8 hour workweek – and how you can improve your own efficiency – courtesy of Buffer COO Leonhard Widrich here.

3. In this two part post, Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan reminds us of the importance of not settling in our careers. She recounts a pretty heartwarming (and inspiring) early career experience that taught her the importance of having the courage to be true to herself. The big lesson here? Work hard (cultivate a skill), and then follow your passion – life is too short to do anything less.

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