Image Credit: <blog.pricelesswriters.com

Image Credit: <blog.pricelesswriters.com>

Sunday reading for December 22, 2013:

1. Is it okay to call a post inspiring? Well I’m going to, because inspire is what Human Workplace CEO Liz Ryan does in her recent Linkedin post about salary disclosure. Ryan reminds the reader that getting what you’re worth is (among other things) about having conviction around it and not being willing to settle. This advice falls under the category of “easier said than done”, but it’s a fresh enough take on the subject of salary negotiation that I highly recommend checking it out here.

2. I don’t know how I’m just reading this one (it’s from 2009), but former entrepreneur turned VC Mark Suster has a great post up on Both Sides of the Table about the importance of determining which of two career stages you’re at before stepping into any new role. Is it time for you to learn or is it time for you to earn? As someone who is passionate about learning, I found this article to be an interesting take on how to think about one’s career. Please read Suster’s full post here, and then think about the choice he poses.

3. VentureBeat writer Dean Takahashi spotlights IBM researcher Michelle Zhou’s claims that she can decipher your personality in just 200 tweets. I .1. Though thinking about it I suppose it’s possible that my entire life really is all about HR.don’t know if I believe this is possible quite yet 1, but regardless the principles behind the research are sound, and I’m ecstatic that this is where we’re headed. Read Takahashi’s full post here and learn more about this giant leap forward in data analytics.

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