you’re not that great.” – Golda Meir

Image Credit: <en.wikipedia.org

Image Credit: <en.wikipedia.org>

This quote comes courtesy of the late Golda Meir, a teacher and politician perhaps best known for her time as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel.

As we get started this week, let’s do well to remember that most of our accomplishments in the grand scheme of things aren’t all that great. The universe is a pretty big place, so contextually speaking making a blip requires some pretty remarkable feats. For that matter, however, even if we scale the relative significance of any individual actions down to just the planet earth, most of us still probably have some work to do before doing something that’s really worth bragging about.

…I am not trying to burst the bubble of anyone reading this. Instead, I only mean to say that it’s good to stay grounded and contextualize any successes against one’s big picture capacity for improvement. Staying humble can be hard in the face of continued successes, but hubris can dull the very qualities and characteristics that allow one to find success to begin with.

1. I often cringe when I think back on some of the things I’ve said and written when things were going well.This is easier said than done 1, but being humble is a prerequisite to not only lifelong growth, but also being a decent human being.

This week we will all (hopefully) have lots of success at work and in our personal lives… but let’s remember that success can be fleeting; it’s continuance is contingent on a never-ending commitment to staying humble enough to get better.

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